SHINE SA offers a therapeutic counselling service provided by professional sexual health counsellors.

The service is available to individuals, couples and families (for those identifying as part of SHINE SA’s Communities of Interest).

Our Sexual Health Counsellors also run therapeutic groups and provide advice and referral on sexual health related concerns. You can come in to see us on your own or with a partner or support person. It’s up to you.

All services are confidential. (There are exceptions to confidentiality. Please refer to Client rights and discuss with your counsellor.)

COVID-19 – Update for Clients

SHINE SA are committed to the safety of our clients, community and staff. We endeavour to provide continued care to our clients where possible as we respond to COVID-19.

Until further notice, SHINE SA’s Sexual Health Counsellors will be providing phone counselling.
There is no face-to-face counselling at present, visit our Find a Clinic page for updates.
To make an appointment for phone counselling, please call 8300 5300.

Thank you for support and understanding during this time.

Sexual Health Counsellors at SHINE SA provide a non-judgmental, supportive and confidential service for you to talk about whatever sexual health related concerns you might have. It’s really about having conversations that can help you and getting information that you need. You will only have to discuss things you are comfortable with.

Counselling is provided for concerns related to sexual health. These include:

  • relationship issues (including mismatched sexual desire)
  • any issues to do with sexuality (including body image)
  • Vaginismus (now referred to as Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder; pain with vaginal penetration)
  • orgasm issues, erectile or ejaculation difficulties
  • sexual and/or gender identity
  • effects of sexual assault or child sexual abuse
  • not sure what to do about pregnancy
  • termination of pregnancy / post-termination issues
  • sexual issues relating to a disability or chronic illness
  • living with sexually transmitted infections

The sexual health counsellor will be able to refer you to another service if there is a more appropriate service for your concerns.

Our services are provided mainly for people 30 years and under.

Services are free for all clients 30 years and under.

For clients over 30 years from one of SHINE SA’s Communities of Interest, who hold a Health Care Card, there is a $20 fee per session. If they do NOT hold a Health Care Card the fee is $50 per session.

Free interpreting can be arranged. Please let us know what you require when booking your appointment (for example, if you want a male or female interpreter).

A sexual health counsellor is available for appointments during work hours. The days and times vary for each location, so please contact us to find out when counselling is available in your area.

There may be a waiting time for appointments, as there is often a high demand for counselling.

However, some issues such as unplanned pregnancy are considered a priority, so make sure you let us know it is urgent when you call.

For counselling locations, see Find a Clinic.

To make an appointment call 8300 5300.

Rural clients can phone to arrange for a telephone counselling appointment. You will be asked to call SHINE SA at the pre-arranged time to ‘check-in’ for your appointment (but you can negotiate having the counsellor call you back for the session if you need).

We can provide single sessions with a carer, worker or parent to provide a tailored program for the person they are supporting. This session can usually be provided within a few weeks of the initial request.

Our goal is to build capacity of the key workers/support people for the client.

This session will cost $50.00. To make an appointment, phone 8300 5300

We prefer self-referrals, but referrals may be made from parents, caregivers or teachers as long as the young person is requesting and consents to a service and understands it is a counselling appointment that has been booked.

SHINE SA has a range of educational self-help books and DVDs that may help you with your concerns.


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At SHINE SA you’ll be treated with respect and receive quality health care at all times. For information about your rights as a client of SHINE SA see Client rights.