Safer Sex

Did you know that if you’re aged 15-29, you’re more at risk of getting an STI than any other age group?

Fortunately the concepts of safety, pleasure and respect can help you prevent STIs and have a sex life that’s a lot safer.


What you need to know about STIs

Many STIs have no symptoms and if left untreated can cause long-term health concerns

  • You don’t need to have sex with lots of people to get an STI
  • Regular testing (every 6-12 months) is key to a healthy sex life
  • STI testing at SHINE SA is easy, painless and FREE if you’re under 30 with a Medicare card
  • Condoms should be used with other forms of contraception like The Pill, IUDs, Implanon etc.


To learn more about STIs including testing and treatment, read our Fact Sheet.

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What you need to know about condoms

When used correctly condoms are highly effective at reducing the risk of STIs and unintended pregnancy

  • Use water-based lubricant to prevent condoms breaking and for extra pleasure
  • You can use condoms for vaginal, anal or oral sex (dental dams are also a great option for oral sex)
  • Condoms come in different sizes and flavours, experiment with different types to find what suits you
  • If you’ve never used a condom it’s a good idea to practice using them before you using them for real


To learn more about condoms including how to use them correctly read our Fact Sheet.

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What you need to know about consent

Consent must come before any sexual activity of any kind

  • Communication is key! Talk with your partner/s and agree together about what’s OK for each of you
  • Consent must be active, voluntary, sober and continuous
  • Consent is an ongoing process that needs to be maintained throughout sexual activity
  • Check in with your partner to see if they are still happy to go on. If at any time your partner/s are not into it, it’s their right to stop at any time. The same applies for you


Learn more about consent and safer sex by reading our Fact Sheet.

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Where can I get a Sexual Health Check/STI test?

You can visit SHINE SA for more information on sexual health and STIs as well as testing and treatment.

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You can also make an appointment with your local doctor, health care provider or Aboriginal Health service.

Adelaide Sexual Health Centre also provides a free and confidential specialist sexual health service, call 7117 2800.


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